Monday, November 9, 2009

Shahi Paneer

Paneer cubes - made of 1 litre milk, lightly fried
onion - 1 small, cut into 4 quarters(keep big pieces)
Cashewnuts - 25
Tomato - 1 peeled and chopped
Potato - 1 chopped
green peas - handful
Ginger - 1 inch grated
sugar - 1/2 tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Bayleaf - 1
green chillies - 4 chopped

Put the large pieces of onion and the cashewnuts in a little water in a pan. Boil till the onions become transparent. Pick up the onion slices from water and grind to a paste in a blender. Keep aside. Add the cashewnut pieces and some of the water to the blender and grind to a smooth paste. Keep adding water little by little while blending. Remove and keep aside. Peel the whole tomato (or blanch it in boiling water for a minute and take out the peel)  and blend it in the blender till smooth. Now heat oil in a wok and temper with cumin seeds and bayleaf. Add the chopped green chillies. Then add the blended boiled onion. Cook till the onion becomes pink and oil leaves the sides of the pan. Then add the cashew paste and cook for some time. Add the blended tomato. Add the chopped potato and green peas, salt, sugar and cook on low heat till the potato is cooked. Add a little water if required. Once the potatoes are cooked and the gravy reaches desired consistency, add the fried paneer and toss for a minute. Serve hot.

This is my entry for JFI-Paneer hosted by Trupti @ The Spice who loved me.


Miary said...

slurp!!! thanks a lot

Cardamom said...

thank you for the entry! Looks delicious! :)

the spice who loved me

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