Monday, November 9, 2009

Payesh / Kheer

Milk - 1/2 gallon
White Rice - 1 heaped tbsp. (use gobindabhog or kaljira variety rice for creamy kheer)
Sugar - 1 cup
Bay leaf - 1
Green Cardamom - 1
Raw cashew nuts and raisins - a handful

Soak the rice in water for a few minutes.

Boil the milk with bay leaf and one green cardamom. Once the milk comes to boil, add the soaked rice to the boiling milk and cook on low fire stirring often till the rice is cooked and the kheer becomes thick. This takes about one hour.

Add sugar and cook till the sugar melts and the consistency becomes creamy. Remove the bay leaf and cardamom and discard. Add broken cashew pieces and raisins. Remove from heat and serve at room temperature or slightly chilled.

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