Friday, April 6, 2012

Jowar Bhakri / Rustic Sorghum Flat Bread

Jowar / Sorghum Flour - 2 cups
Water - 2 cups
Salt - a pinch
Dry Jowar flour for rolling

Place the jowas flour in a big vessel. Bring the water to a boil. Add a pinch of salt to the water and immediately pour the boiling water over the jowar flour. With a wooden spoon mix the flour with the water till it forms a dough and cools down slightly. Now place the dough on a wooden board and knead with your hand to make the dough pliant. Make around 8 small balls of the dough.

Heat a cast iron griddle. Place a ball of flour in between two large plastic cling wraps and using a rolling pin, make a round shape. Use a little dry flour if required. Carefully remove the top plastic cling, invert the bhakri on the palm and then remove the other plastic wrap. Immediately place on the hot griddle.

While the bottom of the bhakri is cooking, sprinkle 2 tsp water on the top of the bhakri so that the inside of the bhakris get cooked in the hot steam. When the bottom of the bhakri gets slight brown spots, turn it and cook on the other side till brown spots appear. Then remove the hot bhakri and place it on a wire rack and cook it directly over the gas flame for a few minutes on both sides till they get large brown spots.

Serve immediately while it is still hot with yellow split peas dal and spicy potato curry.

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