Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mung Beans Fettuchini with Pesto Sauce


Mung Beans Fettuchini - a handful
Cooked Beans - 1 cup, (I used a mix of cooked chickpeas and red kidney beans)
Broccolini - 1 small bunch,
Shallot - 1
Garlic Cloves - 1
Olive Oil - 1 tbsp.

For pesto:
Fresh Basil Leaves - 1 big bunch
Garlic Cloves - 3, minced
Olive Oil - 2 tbsp
Lightly Toasted Pinenuts - 2 tbsp.
Parmesan Cheese - 1/2 cup

Wash the basil leaves well and dry completely. Add minced garlic and blend in a blender till fairly smooth. Then add the olive oil, pinenuts and cheese and blend again to make a smooth mixture. Keep aside.

Cook the mung beans pasta according to directions. Rinse with cold water and keep aside.

Heat a big skillet and add olive oil. Add the chopped shallot and garlic and cook till the shallot gets soft. Add the broccolini and cook for a few minutes more.

Now add the cooked beans and pasta and toss everything well. Check for seasoning.  Remove from heat and serve.




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